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Above Category: The Twelve Days of Breathtaking Builds


[Above Category] We felt it apropos to circle back to last year’s finale with yet another bike featuring Zio Ziegler’s patina, this time a bit more dirt-oriented. This is Zio’s personal Open UP, a bike that since its introduction at AC six months ago has been a consistent favorite, both amongst us and our clients.

The pursuit of top performance – CeramicSpeed establishes Lubrication Development Lab

[] CeramicSpeed announces the creation of the world’s most comprehensive cycling industry Lubrication Development Lab, following acquisition of U.S.-based drivetrain efficiency test lab, Friction Facts.

Review: Jet Roll XX – Premium Handmade Bicycle Tool Roll

[Bike Rumor] Jet Roll is a fresh take on the classic cyclist’s tool roll. But rather than an old sock stuffed with the essentials and lashed to one’s saddle, the Jet Roll is designed to be a convenient and stylish way of carrying the essentials on your ride.

Is direct-drive the future for turbo-trainers?

[Cycling Weekly] When LeMond introduced the Revolution turbo-trainer in 2010, its wheel off, direct-drive design looked almost gimmicky.

Silca SuperPista – Review

[AeroGeeks] So what’s using a $235 pump to inflate your bike tires like? A lot like driving a Mercedes when you’ve only ever owned Civics. They both get you from A to B, but the experience is altogether different.

Arrox R1.3 review

[BikeRadar] Aerospace engineering meets bike design and it’s a marriage that needs work.

Canyon goes all in for disc brakes on entire road bike range for 2017

[] Teased at Eurobike, Canyon has today revealed it is going all in for disc brakes next year. It will be offering disc-equipped versions of the Aeroad CF SLX, Aeroad CF SL/SLX and Endurace CF SL/SLX road bikes in 2017.

Review: J.Laverack R J.ACK III

[] The new R J.ACK from young Rutland-based company J.Laverack combines the classic titanium appearance with a ride that is wonderfully smooth and entertaining when you up the pace.

The Sage Barlow Adventure Bike

[Peloton Magazine] Four years ago Rosen launched Sage and set out to fill a void he felt existed in the market—that void was a boutique-style builder offering customers high-end titanium bikes with the caveat of being able to produce volume.

Wheels of wood: the cycling artisan lives

[SBS] Hand crafted in a small workshop behind a car repair garage, and within striding distance of Madonna di Ghisallo cycling shrine in Italy; Ghisallo wooden rims are truly something special.

Studies show The Turbine breathing aid doesn’t improve performance

[Cycling Tips] The device attracted its fair share of criticism from within the amateur cycling scene, particularly in Australia, with sceptics questioning Rhinomed’s claims of performance enhancement.

Two years on, a couple of research papers have been published, investigating whether The Turbine does in fact offer the performance gains Rhinomed initially claimed.

Best women’s road bikes of 2016

[Velo News] Of all the women’s bikes we tested in 2016, whether they were built from the ground up specifically for women or if they differ only in the details from the men’s versions, these were our favorites of the year.

Review: Giro Factor Techlace

[] The Giro Factor Techlace shoes are lightweight and comfortable, and the novel closure system – a hybrid lace and Velcro strap, plus a Boa dial – makes it easy to adjust the fit on the fly.

Classicists rejoice, Campagnolo Potenza 11 brings back polished silver

[Bikerumor] There are still a couple of small black straggler bits, but for the most part they are there for a reason and style connoisseurs should be pleased…


Italian company Blubrake develops electronic anti-lock braking system for bicycles

[] The product is an anti-lock braking system that uses a range of sensors to let you know when the front wheel is about to lock, the idea being that the feedback, via vibrations at the brake lever, will let you know it’s probably a good idea to release the brake lever to avoid locking the front wheel.


A Look at the Bikes from the Chris King 40th Open House

[The Radavist] After a few months of calling out to select framebuilders, the team at Chris King displayed a wide variety of bicycles all built with select King 40th components.