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Painkillers and cycling: Tramadol’s dark danger

Painkiller tramadol is widely used, but harmful and addictive to some. Former pro mountain biker Ian Mullins tells the story of his addiction. (Velo News)

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New UCI rider safety rules missing key recommendations from CPA

Still pending approval are key rider safety recommendations for the final 3km of races which were put forth by the CPA last year: recommendations that had the resounding support of professional cyclists.

The UCI’s convoy guidelines also lacked many of the CPA recommendations for vehicles. (

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Portland Design Works to donate 100% of sales to ACLU for a week

Another company putting their money where their mouth (and their heart) is, Portland Design Works is taking action to support the American Civil Liberties Union, or ACLU.

As PDW co-founder Erik Olson puts it, “Normally our charitable contributions are aimed at efforts to get more people out there riding bikes, but these aren’t normal times.” (Bike Rumor)

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Unvarnished Tales of a Professional: The Winter Low

It’s official. I’ve reached the low point of winter training, the nadir of the year, an occasion so bleak my own mother opened an upstairs window to mock me: I am riding the trainer outside on the deck. (Peloton Magazine)

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Comment: Nothing is off-limits in Daily Mail’s latest rant against cyclists

Latest Daily Mail tirade against ‘lycra louts’ includes every anti-cycling cliché known to the human race, and some new ones, too. (Cycling Weekly)

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Substane Profile: What athletes need to know about Ostarine

Ostarine is prohibited in sport, but is not approved for human consumption world-wide. But, what is Ostarine and why is it prohibited in sport. (USADA)