Armstrong and Bruyneel: Dusting Off The Abuse Playbook

Armstrong and Bruyneel answer questions from the media

Doping allegations have shifted from chemical to mechanical, but Armstrong and Bruyneel’s abusive behavior and rhetoric remain the same.


60 Minutes Mechanical Doping Report – Live Updates

CBS will air its highly anticipated segment on mechanical doping tonight at 7pm U.S. Eastern.

For those of you without access to the CBS broadcast, we will be posting live updates here.


CBS 60 Minutes Confirms Mechanical Doping Report Will Be Broadcast Sunday, January 29th

In December we reported, based on information from an anonymous source, that 60 Minutes was preparing a segment on mechanical doping within professional cycling, and that the piece was expected to air sometime in January.

Today, CBS 60 Minutes posted a press release and video preview of the episode, confirming that it will air on


Lines too long in Italian hospital for Toon Aerts, flies home

Toon Aerts crashed during the UCI Cyclocross World Cup in Italy, possibly fracturing his collarbone. Unwilling to wait in the long line at the Italian hospital, Aerts and his team made the decision to fly home to Belgium before getting a diagnostic x-ray.


60 Minutes Investigating Mechanical Doping in Professional Cycling


For months, rumors have been swirling of a big story regarding mechanical doping in professional cycling. Istvan Varjas, the engineer widely regarded as the technology’s inventor, recently told French newspaper Le Monde that the public should expect major revelations on television in January, with the newspaper suggesting the shakeup would rival the Festina Affair –